VPN on the same computer i'm gaming on

Mar 4, 2018
So i have a computer i game on and a computer i use for running certain things. like game servers for example. i want to play Dragons dogma online. an mmo exclusive to japan. and i found a reddit post that shows me how to do it. but i don't want to run the VPN on my gaming machine as its not powerful enough to handle discord the game and some other stuff as its just to old and o don't want to upgrade right now. can i run the VPN software on my laptop i use for running minecraft servers and play the game on my gaming rig.

P.S. my pc just barely meets the games requirements
You really don't know something like that until you try it. I use PIA, and although my speed tests are consistently 100Mb vs 105MB without it, I sometimes have to disable it just for phone calls. Otherwise there's audio dropouts and the person on the other end can't hear everything I'm saying.

You can't really go by reviews on the VPNs either, because it all depends how good their servers are in your area.