[SOLVED] VPN: Remote server is not responding (sometimes)


Jun 13, 2020
I'm trying to figure out why a VPN connection will work one day, and not the next. With the only thing that happened inbetween was the computer going to sleep and waking up again.

Myself and occasionally 1 coworker have this issue.
3+ coworkers never have an issue connecting to VPN.

Below are a couple of failed connection scenarios I've witnessed, each one being a different day:

#1 fail: Laptop refused to connect, after a successful connection the previous day. Android phone connected fine, on the same home wifi network.
#2 fail: Laptop and Android phone fail to connect, on the same home wifi network.
#3 fail: Laptop refused to connect. Installed optional Windows Updates and this fixed the connection. VPN connection was then successful, until the next day (where it failed again.)

VPN details:
  • VPN provider: Windows (built-in)
  • IPSec identifier: not used
  • L2TP secret: not used
  • Type: L2TP/IPSec PSK
  • w/ Pre Shared Key
I'm stumped. Same network, same device, same VPN connection. Nothing changed in any way, but the connection somehow breaks. What's going on?