Question vr head set lag even though I meet requirements

Apr 6, 2019
other apps like gorn and stuff run fine but for some reason in games like Pavlov ill be playing perfectly fine and then out of the blue lag and in vr chat its fine some times now but for no reson it will lag same for blade and sorcery on the lowest settings blade and sorcery lags when I put more then 1 bot in and im pretty sure my pc is more power full then a quest and should be able to run these games fine because super hot runs fine and hot dogs horse shoes and hand grenades' dose I did recently delete some unreal engine 4 files from the unreal thing as I gave up working on game but I don't see how deleting unreal as it in stalls with all unreal games would effect my lag I have opened a support ticket before for just blade and sorcery but now that's its happening on multiple games its weird also when I press the an oculus button to go home on games like Pavlov its lags even when im not In the app with screen distortion rippling ect and when I ran the compat tool it was all + ive had my head set for 2 weeks and this has been a issue the whole time and I haven't dropped it at all the only thing that's on it is a scratch on the controller and the controller works fine its just the paint also it says usb driver update recommended but before that I had these issues ive had no errors im un sure of why this is happing hope fully you help me fix it my I have a intel I7-900k a GeForce gtx 3 gb a arorus z390 pro wifi and a 850 wat power supply and im pretty sure that's more power full then the quest and I get screen tearing and distrortion and black boxing and im un sure why