VR Health Institute Develops VR Exercise Rating System

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Jeff Fx

Jan 2, 2015
“Many of the games we’ve assessed have turned out to be the equivalent of very vigorous exercise,”

I think they probably knew this before they even started the study. When you're breathing heavily, and soaked with sweat at the end of a game, you've been exercising just as much as you've been gaming. I have 5 fans in my VR room to keep me cool, and still wind up sweaty.

It was easy to justify the cost of a Vive because it's an exercise device just as much as it's an entertainment device. Playing co-op games with a friend pushes me harder than I would exercise on my own, and results in a great workout.

Just be aware that you have to keep the sweat under control. Sweat in your headset will destroy it, and will not be covered by warranty. Use a lot of fans like I do, or at least a sweatband.
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