[SOLVED] VR Newbie Question


Is there any VR systems available that don't require cables? VR that can play today's VR-ready games. I'd really like to try Cyan's new Firmament in VR when it comes out, but don't want all that cable mess. I experienced VR on a relative's system and loved it.
Is Oculus Quest going to be cableless/wireless?

Edit: I would want it to work with my PC, not have its own processor/iGPU.
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Solution: HTC Vive / Vive Pro + HTC Wireless.

See here:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBuAMX160nY

I've got one, and I love it!
Mind you, it is like $300, so it is a luxury... but so is most VR.

Only bad things I can say, is the receiver gets hot after an hour.
I will definitely look into that. Are we talking ~$1100 for the entire system from scratch?
The receiver gets hot? What part of the system do you refer to by "receiver"? The headset?


May 31, 2016
Cost (per amazon today)

Headset Kit
Vive = $500
Pro = $100

Wireless accessory
HTC Vive Wireless = $300

> The receiver gets hot? What part of the system do you refer to by "receiver"? The headset?
Here is how it works...
PC --> PCI Transmitter Card --> Transmitter --> ))) )))) ))) --> Wireless Receiver --> HMD HDMI Port

The wireless reciever can get a little toasty. There was a reported bald guy who got a little singed.


Now the trick is to just put another layer between you and the device. I still use mine almost daily, and I do worry that one day my head is going to catch on fire.. but it is like putting your laptop on your lap and gaming.


Jan 29, 2008
There are adapters which are available which allow you to plug the hdmi/usb cables into a witeless pack on your body. They are about $500 and dont work well with amd hardware for some reason. They never did nail that issue down.

To get that much bandwidth they operate in the very small unlicensed microwave bandwidth similar to cell phones. The range isnt terrific but better than room scale. And they do get warm.

Other than that and the very small lag they work.
Yes, it's possible.
. You must have a powerful PC. You must have a fast internet and strong 5GHz wifi connection. Maybe not must but the better hardware is, the better the experience will be.

Riftcat/Vridge is necessary.
You will need a USB C connection to tether your Quest headset to your PC for the initial setup. You will need a smartphone.

Be aware that although the Quest unit can "play"(it's sorta streaming it, I think) Vive, Rift, Quest and Go titles and do it all wirelessly that some physical impairments are present due to different controllers meaning the more buttons a non-native game employs the less likely it is to be compatible on Oculus Quest. A game like Beat Saber is simple and compatible. Without knowing Firmaments layout I can't suggest how compatible it might be when it's released. I received my Quest about 3 weeks ago even though I had taken a very long break from gaming. Now I have Creed whooping my *&$# and I'm sweating like a stuck pig by the second round, if I make it that far. The 128GB unit is worth it if someone can fully take advantage of what it can do. Now I get back to Bigscreen and MIB II.