VRAM - Do more MHz really matter?

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Jan 28, 2013
Greetings!, I just bought 2 680 GTX EVGA cards on Amazon. They are 6208 MHz (vram) but afterordering I realized Zotac has a versión with similar specs and GPU clock speed, but it has 6600MHz VRAM.

What would real world performance difference be between them?

do those 400 extra MHz really matter?

I'm asking because I am thinking about returning my EVGAS and ordering the Zotacs instead.

Price difference is only 15 more dollars on the Zotacs, but since I live outside the US it might be a bit more complicated to send them back, so I would like to know if it's worth the trouble.

I have a 3770k, 16gb Ram, and I run 2 1920x1080 extended screens, used for gaming and photo/video editing mostly.

Thank you very much in advance :love:
Not at all.

This is the priority order in same model GPUs: cooling > overclocking potential > clock speed & memory speed > warranty > noise > anything else I can think of.

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