Vsenn Also Working On a Modular Phone To Take On Project Ara

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Feb 5, 2014
Modules made by companies themselves and not by anyone else is now on how the concept works. That completely debases the entire idea of modular components other than (most likely) very expensive upgrade modules. It is true that the technology industry as a whole has grown off of proprietary technologies. I support Ara more than Vsenn like most everyone else here.

I am afraid that this also does give companies opportunities to take advantage of customers and get them to purchase unnecessary upgrades. Older people are reluctant a lot of the time to upgrade their entire phone, so the idea of offering them a newer module that might not be much better than the current one(s) may feel like it's a wise decision.

Also I'm in love with the concept, but my M8's unibody design is so wonderful and sleek that I wouldn't give it up for anything. Now considering the latency presented by components not being together and all communicating over a bus is an issue. I would say just adapt a modern standard from the PC and mobilize it. PCI-E on phones anybody?
Not open for further replies.