Discussion Vsync and freesync and screen tearing?

Aug 30, 2019
Hello guys, i want a way to remove my screen tearing in games(r6). I tried vsync on game setting but it has input lag and i dont want it, so is there anyway to remove screen tearing? My monitor is 60hz and i dont know it can support FreeSync or not.
I heard about amd FRTC but i heard it has a big input lag compare to vsync.
And one more thing can input lag make me a loser in fightings(like r6 fightings) or its very little and doesnt matter?
Gpu : rx570 8g
Monitor : LG flatron e1942
If you are gaming and your fps is always over 60fps then use vsync. If it is struggling to get 60 fps then leave it off. If your monitor does not have freesync in it, which yours does not, you can not use it. Too much is made out of input lag for the average gamer. If you are making a living out of gaming then you would need a better monitor anyway.
This is why G-Sync and Freesync exist so a monitor with this (and supporting gpu) is the best solution.

However you can try a frame rate limiter. Some games include one but even if not programs like MSIAfterburner can also do this. I’ve done setting the maximum to 60fps on a 60Hz although some people recommend actually using 59fps. It massively reduces screen tearing but doesn’t eliminate it 100%. This option does not introduce the lag you get with V-Sync.