Question Vulkan causes 5700XT to system crash

Aug 30, 2020

I have a Gigabyte 5700XT. Only a few months old, bought in September of 2020.

The card is good, however, when using Vulkan as an option when launching games, it will usually system crash minutes later. Never a crash to desktop. Through tests I've determined it's not a PSU, or really even a GPU problem and more towards a driver problem as like I mentioned, is a perfectly fine card, until I launch Vulkan.

Crashes happen randomly, under load or not under load, on desktop, or in games. Even has happened on Windows startup, and once on shutdown. So far, has not crashed in safe mode. Currently have the GPU removed, drivers wiped, and it still crashed just 30 minutes ago. After crashing, tends to be in a boot loop. Have to turn off the power supply and wait a bit until I can boot Windows, Irregular crashes happen as well. I launched "Subnautica" twice last night, and it system crashed twice upon launching. Later on, it crashed after a few minutes already in Subnautica. Temps are fine.

This happened months ago, same culprit; launching a game using Vulkan. Rainbow Six: Siege in both cases. X-Plane 11 also causes system crash when using Vulkan. Fixed it then by re-installing Windows 10.

What I've done to try to fix it;

-Uninstall drivers using DDU
-Use AMDs official Cleanup Utility tool
-Updated Windows, and all onboard drivers
-Rolled back to old, stable drivers
-Used Windows default maintenance tool