Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses Hands On: Amazon Alexa, Video & Other Clever Uses


Mar 19, 2014
"Vuzix Blade is a bit off putting to the more style-conscious due to it’s chunky look"
Lets be brutally honest here: they're just ugly. They look like the kind of nasty rubbish they hand out at 3d movies.
I wouldn't necessarily say they look "ugly", but they are rather chunky. The area that could use the most improvement would be around the bridge of the nose. Perhaps they keep some electronics in there, but they really need to work on thinning that area up, and moving those things elsewhere. That's something the North glasses from the other article appear to get right. They actually manage to make them look a lot more like a normal pair of eyeglasses, rather than chunky sunglasses. Ideally, they should keep all electronics in the sides, with only maybe a pair of thin wires connecting a battery in one side to the processing/display unit in the other, and focus on making the entire area around the lenses thinner.