W00T! Pentium M 3.0GHz at TigerDirect!


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You can't buy the processor separately, but TigerDirect has a COMPLETE LAPTOP with Pentium M 3.0GHz CPU! What would the model number for that be, 795?


That's right, the whole thing for less than what a Pentium M at that speed would cost you! Think about it, this laptop should offer better performance than EVERY DESKTOP PROCESSOR AVAILABLE!


Apr 27, 2005
I thought the Pentium 4 - m was just a scaled down version of the Pentium 4 prescott design. that could explain why this laptop is cheaper.

not to be confused with the true Pentium-M that hs been ranted and raved about. different CPU I believe. and i wouldnt buy a Prescott Based CPU ever again


Jun 7, 2005
Nope, they're saying it's a Pentium-M, not a P4-M. So you should buy this laptop right away to take adavantage of the supre fast Pentium-M at 3.0GHz stock speed!

I think they just mis labled it. the pentium-m wouldnt be that cheap at that sped anyway. I say its a p4-m wouldnt there be a lot of talk if a pentium-m of of that speed come out?


Well duh! I mean if you want something as fast as a PM 3ghz, your only option is to buy AMD.
BTW, have you seen the post by sparky853? He's talking about a P4 that was running @ 98c. How do you explain that? Should have burned, or shut down. No to either. Amazing what. It could never happen with an Amd though right? They would have melted wouldn't they?. Oh wait, I had one running without a fan. It just beeped, and turned off. No melty here.
Seems that now, it's the Intels that aren't properly protected. You can call me Intelmeltdown, but Ill just laugh.


Dec 31, 2007
Fact is Amd learn some time ago that Ghz was lame.

Then it took what 2 years of False avertisements on Intel side to find out Amd was right. Ghz dose not prove preformance.


Apr 20, 2004
Fact is Amd learn some time ago that Ghz was lame.

Then it took what 2 years of False avertisements on Intel side to find out Amd was right. Ghz dose not prove preformance.

you are an idiot....Ghz isn't the ONLY thing but its part of it....and you have no idea who you are correcting or what your talking about.

Yes, AMD proved that slower clocked cpus could compete....

guess what intel did....Do you think they would sit back and watch AMD take over? Well alright they probably did sit back a little bit, but they also tryed to come up with another approach to cpu's, trying to copy what AMD was doing.

The Pentium-M is clock for clock on par with what AMD offers...meaning a 2Ghz cpu from AMD and a 2Ghz pentium-M would perform the same.

So having a 3Ghz pentium-M would be a VERY big deal because AMD has no part that is 3Ghz (although several chips can be OC'd beyond 3Ghz and with phase change almost to 3.7ghz+)

just because it says intel doesn't make it bad....how about from now on we try to research, find out the facts, and then only post when you have a bloody clue whats going on....

Thanx precious, your a darling!


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Fact is you're either ignoring that they've advertised the processor as a Pentium-M, or you don't know what a Pentium-M is. Let me clue you in...

Rememeber when the Athlon was faster than the PIII? Then Intel put on-die cache on the PIII, which was faster than the original Athlon...except that AMD followed up with their own on-die cache in the Thunderbird core?

Basically PIII and Athlon technology were head to head, with AMD's advantage being a slightly stronger FPU. Any improvement Intel did, AMD could counter.

Why bring up the old stuff? Because that's the technology we're talking about. AMD kept improving their Athlon core, so that the latest Athlon 64's look like the early Athlons with a bunch of stuff added. Meanwhile Intel went from the fairly efficient PIII to the inefficient P4. The P4 1.4GHz performed worse than the PIII 1000EB.

Intel kept developing the PIII while few people paid attention. They came up with the Tualatin, which was clock for clock BETTER than some versions of the Athlon. Then AMD came out with an integrated memory controller and Intel stopped making Tualatins.

But Intel kept developing the Tualatin and modified it to work on the P4 bus. They named the new processor the Pentium-M. The latest version Pentium-M uses the Dothan core and wins just enough benchmarks over equally clocked San-Diego cores that Intel heads claim a "clear victory" while AMD guys claim the benchmarks they won are more important.

That long explaination can be summarized as follows: Clock for clock the Pentium-M matches the Athlon64, so what you said about clock speed not mattering...doesn't apply to this comparison.