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Feb 13, 2013
It's about 5 years since I installed Windows 10 on my new-build PC and it's getting rather slow, so I should like to re-install W10. Someone told me that it was possible to re-install Windows without losing all the programs and having to re-install them. Can this possibly be true? Sure, if they are stored on a different partition I can retain the programs and then re-install them, but I was told that installed programs such as Spotify, VPN etc. will all be already present and working.

Could I ask a second rather silly question? I can't remember whether or not I set up an Admin P/W when I installed Windows. Is it really necessary to set one, it's only me who has access to the PC? When I am told that a certain action requires admin permission, I never see anywhere to enter the Admin P/W, even if I knew it ! What's the secret?


Yes, you can do "In place upgrade" which effectively reinstalls Windows but keeps your registered applications. If those have faults, they will be carried forward though.

Windows Vista and up operate in Least User Access mode. Meaning that you are treated as a standard user for most tasks. When it asks for elevated permissions, it is just informing you that whatever action you are taking grants administrator permissions for the duration of the task. So things like malicious programs that need admin rights to install can be prevented if you did not intentionally launch such a thing.

So you didn't set up an admin account, but you do have admin rights on the system, but you must implicitly activate them at a prompt.

In a domain environment, that generally means a username and password for each activation. However, home computers are not set to that strict of a standard. (Though you can enable that if you want)
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