Question W10 will not install from USB on new PC due to missing media drivers


Mar 27, 2014
Hi there,

I recently bought a new PC and my only option for installation is to load the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to load W10 on my USB and install from there. I get the famous error message about missing media drivers, so I am unable to install Windows 10. I have tried different USB ports and that didn't work.

I feel like I am in a fork in the road at this point though. I'm not super tech savvy - I am unaware if this is a motherboard issue or a CPU issue. I have also heard that using the 3rd party program Rufus to create the W10 installation on the USB drive has been a solution for some people. I guess what I am asking is what should my first port of call be? I'd really rather not mess around with too many things and just make it messier so any help would be much appreciated.

I went on my motherboard's website to look at the drivers, and even if drivers for the motherboard was the solution, I wouldn't even know where to start - There are so many! (Link - )

My PC specs are

AMD Ryzen 2700x
Nvidia RTX 2080 EVGA XC
16GB (2x8GB) G Skill Trident Z RAM
ASUS TUF B450 PLUS Gaming Motherboard
M.2 Samsung 970 VNAND SSD

I hope I have provided enough information.

Thank you for any help in advance
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Try a different USB drive.

That error on Windows 10 is normally caused by the USB drive you are using, not the PC itself.

If that doesn't work, try using rufus to make the installer but 90% of the time, its the USB drive that is cause.