Question Wait for 3080Ti or not?


Jan 25, 2020
I dont know...

it was a very little stronger than 3080, but the Ti is always the "flagship version".. but it is not the case on this situation? because only a little stronger..

I am in dilemma because I dont know if I play on 1440p/4K ... and some people say that the 10GB VRAM is not bad and good for years..

and some other say differently.. that 20GB of the Ti is very important for the future..

I think that I want play on the highest settings for 3-4 years..

Or it was better decision buying 6800XT right now?

what you think? it is stupid decision by nvidia release better version after only a few months later..
I highly doubt any gpu released today will be playing games at max settings 1440p/4K in 3-4 years. Just look how the 980Ti & 1080Ti perform today.

Personally I am very happy with my 3080 and game predominantly at 1440p but at times 4K. I’d expect the 3080Ti to be at least $1000/£1000 but would not be surprised if it’s closer to $1200/£1200 so that it doesn’t undercut the 3090 too much. If right you could be better off waiting for a good deal on a 3080 and then when the 4080 or whatever it’s called releases sell the 3080 and upgrade. This would be a much better option if wanting to still be maxing games for 3-4 years and probably would cost similar in the long run.