Question Wait for the new AMD 6000's/GTX 30 Series to come back in stock?


May 12, 2016
Title says it all. I am doing a clean build (current build is going to my niece) and was wondering (even after looking at the current benchmarks that I can find), if it would be better for me to wait the half-year to a year till the new AMD/Nvidia's come back into stock, or say screw it and get a Past-Current gen graphics card? I was looking at possible a 5700 XT, again, since my current card (EVGA 1080TI) would be going to my niece, but wasnt sure if it would be better to wait, or say screw it and get that, or if there was a better card compared to that was still within a good price range. Any idea's/help? Thanks!


Same answer as this thread, but for your GPU. To add more wisdom, wait it out, see what happens to all the early adopters and then you can decide which GPU is the right choice. Often times you see people jump ship like the ship is sinking due to wanting to own the latest and greatest tech out there. Often times you see people complain of horrible drivers, bugs, overheating issues and worse, GPU's catching fire since there was bad QC.

Simple answer, wait this one out as well.
Jan 8, 2020
Depends on how bad you want to play games I guess. And at what resolution.

How old is your niece? What would she use the pc for? What res is her screen? How much of your upgrading decision if being driven by a desire to give your niece her own pc? Does she need one now? Maybe a Christmas consideration? Maybe keep the 1080 for your self for now and drop a hundred bucks or so on a cheaper card. Given this would be a temporary solution, you might even look at buying a low end used card. Or even just going with integrated for now for her if that's available.

Later on, when new gpu's become available, you can give the 1080 to your niece.
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