Question Wait or buy the ryzen 3 2200g

Mar 3, 2019
So my friend is building a very pc for their first ever rig. They got the price to around $400 which was their budget and was building it around the Ryzen 3 2200g. They asked me if they should buy it now or wait a few months to see if AMD would release a newer model. Any thoughts on the matter should they buy it now or wait to see? Also ill post a link to the pc part picker if any of you want to tell me what to change or fix. Also probably going to buy a cheap ssd later on depending on if they have the money or not.


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A 3000 series APU will come, but it likely won't be part of the first wave of Ryzen2 releases.

If your friend needs a system now, then waiting is probably pointless.

I would suggest however, if they can stretch to the extra $30-$40 for the R5 2400G, it would be a better idea. 4c/8t CPU and a stronger iGPU...


Most pre-X570 motherboards will require a BIOS update prior to being able to take a 3300G or whatever will replace the 2200G. Unless your friend intends to buy an X570 motherboard to go with the 3300G, you are probably better off going with the 2200G. From what I have read, B570 motherboards won't be launching until much later for those who wish to avoid the X570 tax. I'm quite disappointed with this as it means I won't be upgrading to a Ryzen 3600 no matter how impressive it might be until B570 motherboards become available.