Question Waking laptop from sleep with Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse issues


Jul 10, 2008
I just bought an external monitor(Dell U2419HC) to use with my XPS-15 9560. Basically what I want is to be able to press something on my external keyboard or click mouse(Dell Premier Keyboard and mouse KM717), both of which are connected via Bluetooth NOT a USB-WiFi dongle, and have my XPS 15 wake from sleep - without opening the lid and/or pressing the power button. In the BIOS I have checked wake from USB and wake on WLAN both enabled - there isn't anything relating to Bluetooth there.

In Windows my Bluetooth card(Intel AC-9260) had the "Allow this device to wake the computer from sleep" greyed out so I followed the instructions here to enable remote wake in Windows. Now my bluetooth card has the option wake computer from sleep checked.

In the device manager under Human Interface Devices I enabled "allow this device to wake computer from sleep" for both my mouse and keyboard but that causes the computer to wake from sleep IMMEDIATELY after sleeping. Basically I put it to sleep, it turns right back on, without me touching the mouse or keyboard at all. So theoretically I got it to work - I suppose, haha, but broke sleep in return.

I feel like I'm missing some step or the waking from Bluetooth is completely broken - I mean I should not have to tamper with the registry to have that option turned on. Anyone have any ideas? Aynone able to turn on PC with Bluetooth peripherals?

Latest Win 10 of course.