[SOLVED] Waking up PC from sleep mode stops working day after each fix.

Feb 26, 2021
So I got a problem after wiping HDD and re-installing Win 8.1 from a diferente installer, PC can't wake up from sleep mode, pressing keyboard and mouse does not work. I know its in sleep mode because led light is flashing same as it used to do before when it was in sleep mode. When I press power button it just starts up like it was shut down.
I have tried to reset UEFI settings to default and it worked for day or two. I had changed Power settings from High to Balanced and that also fixed for a day. I also had plugged in old keyboard with sleep/wake up buttons and it worked after restarting PC and later not working next day (waking up button). I got all drivers updated. I can't find anybody with similar problem and don't know what to do. I don't know if it matters but I unplug my PC from power for night time, I did this before and it didn't effect anything and battery in board isn't dead as clock is correct.
In summary PC resets settings for sleep mode or something I am not sure.