[SOLVED] WAN Connection is using the Ethernet wall jack, can't use in-wall LAN

Sep 7, 2019
I recently had Verizon install a gigabit connection in my home. This is a relatively modern house with ethernet being run through the wall and terminating at different jacks in key locations. I had the technician put the router in the office. However, the modem is in the basement. To do the installation, the technician used the ethernet jack in the wall to establish the WAN connection. It never crossed my mind that this method wouldn't allow for a LAN connection throughout the house until after the technician left. I tried to use my laptop with a wired internet connection from all the ethernet jacks in my house to no avail. How may I go about solving this?
As usual, IT DEPENDS.

Login to your router and ask WHAT IS THE WAN IP? if it starts with 10 or 172 or 192, is CASE1, otherwise CASE2. If WAN has no IP or blank and WAN port not used then CASE3.


All you have to do is to insert an Ethernet switch in the basement, and hookup all your wired connections there.


Your router is doing the important function of NATing, and this box should be at the JUNCTION (the basement) but I assume you placed it here because of WIFI coverage. If your office has ONLY ONE Ethernet jack, SOLUTION1, else SOLUTION2.

SOLUTION1: You have to move router to basement, or buy another router to do the function of NAT in the basement.

SOLUTION2: U hookup one of the LAN port on the back to your 2nd Ethernet jack so that:

Modem (basement) ----(Ethernet jack1)---(office)Router(LAN)---(Ethernet jack2 back to basement)---Ethernet Switch---Rest of Rooms.


Do same as CASE1.