Question Want to buy one of these prebuilt pc


Jul 16, 2018
With all this pandemic chaos I finally got some free time from my 12 hours/alternated shift job and wanted to buy a new gaming pc. Thing is, prices skyrocketed this year, and building one from scratch isn't an option either, very few pieces and expensive as hell. I live in Japan and I get it this ain't the best place for the pc master race but I found the Dospara used electronics section and these two caught my attention.

What are your opinions on these prebuilt pcs?
Obs: I searched every site possible, even a gtx 1660 is costing 1000+ dollars on amazon, so no dice
Obs 2: This website used to sell 10900f+ 3080 32gb ram and 1tb ssd for less than 2000 dollars, now everything is expensive.
I'd go with the second link, the one with the 3070. It's a little more expensive than the first link with the 2080 Super, but everything is relatively high-tier; the CPU, the GPU, the RAM, SSD. It's a pretty good build for the price.
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