Want to go Linux cause I'm hating Windows 10 and my pc&laptop won't upgrade HELP PLEASE? :D


Dec 17, 2017
I am SOOOO frustrated with windows and move to Linux with all my lovely p1534-7 HP pc that I've bastardized a bit into a semi muscle machine with a 4 gig ram nvidia 1050 video card and 12 gigs of ram for my 3D modeling and graphics work running on 3TB hitachi SATA HD and a 1TB seagate SATA. It's running on window 7 recovery because Win10 ONCE AGAIN *3rd time*) corrupted itself.

Then I have my Asus 400c laptop with 4 gigs ram running WIN8 that also stalls at 82% for the 8.1 upgrade and runs slow as molasses on windows 8 It has a 500gig HD that I rarely use, because I have a 2.5TB external hd for my content storage.

ANY ADVICE ON GETTING 8.1 TO ATUALLY COMPLETE IT'S INSTALLATION, besides the advice to shut down all virus protect and unplug everything fur the power and internet, I'd be open to any ideas, as I still will need a windows partition for some of my software on the HP.
And thanks in advance! :) I really hate windows 10. *8.1 was less nosy about my actions and far more reliable than WIN! IMHO

My idea for my HP semi Muscle PC is to dedicate it's 1TB WD SATA HD to Win 8.1 if I an manage to get it updated to that, or WIN10 if I have no other choice.

The 3TB I'd like to dedicate to 3 Linux OS versions:

One 500gig for Tail for anonymous cruising of the web, even thought it's USB oriented OS, I think is absolute brilliant, but I did hear about a recent virus attack that got through it's "fire walls" per say, so seems that might be prudent? Or am I just being a scardy cat and doing overkill?

One 1TB for a window user friendly interface, but not dummied down so much that I can't tweak the setup some.

One 1 TB for something like Apple interface to give that interface style a try, as I've heard it far smarter to use.

That would leave about 500gig's to store any back end stuff like a recovery file from windows, if that's needed.

Again, I'd welcome feedback on this plan basically to know if this is the best way to go about it and using my TB hd's smartly.Are these sound ideas? Or are there other choices I'm not aware of? And lastly, has the option on graphics/modeling type software gotten to the point there they can work on Linux distros yet? I know this used to be a huge issue before. Have no idea where it stands now, but will do some research on my own too.

And Please please please I need baby steps if giving instructions, as I haven't messed on the cmos side of puters a lot lately. I'm pretty sharp with the hardware but please don't assume I know how to get from here an there. Pretend I'm a complete newbie when it comes to cmos I guess. LOL

Hope all this info wasn't over kill ... and thanks to any and all for their help

Theresa - [Moderator edit to remove email address @xxxxx.com

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