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Nov 27, 2020
Hello i have been gaming for the past year or two on a AMD phenom ii x6 1100t cpu Visiontek branded radeon 78502gb 8gb of gskillrip jaw ram uh 4 sticks of 2 think its 2400mhz not too sure its older then a 2010 corvette really none of that matters jsut stating to show why im trying to build my new computer Which is a Ryzen 3 3200g cpu i intend on using the inter grated graphics till 2021 so ican get christmas over with hopefully covid will release its grip on hardware prices as well but my question is what GPU and what PSU should i plan on buying TOGETHER when im ready to ditch the intergrated graphics and can i game with the 3200g with a dedicated GPU to hold me over a little longer till ican buy a six core processor from amd? couple of questions in that pile of garbage so basically AMD Ryzen 3 3200g
asrock b450m pro4
corsair venegance lpx 2x4
What gpu and power supply should i buy for the combination above and would the gaming be playable till i buy stronger cpu with more cores, the wait time is only gonna be like 2 weeks btw so dont be like u wasted your money111 If i can pair the 3200g with a dedicated GPU tell me which one and tell me what power supply i need dont be some internet technician and half ass answer my questions please and thank you!


There are many questions that could be asked:

I will start with "what is your budget"?

You will need to plan ahead so include the GPUs , CPUs, etc. that you are considering.

You will need to ensure that the motherboard will support the GPU.

The key to all the above is the games that you play.

Most games provide some listing of hardware specs in the form of Minimum, Recommended, and Best.

You do not want Minimum and you do want as much Best as you can afford.

With respect to PSUs:,4229.html

Work through two or three of the calculators to get a sense of what PSU wattage is needed and what specific, well rated PSUs meet that criteria with respect to the new build specs (i.e., GPUs) that you have in mind.

There is no intent to make you feel dumb. The intent is to help you make good choices based on your requirements and your own good efforts to determine and decide what build works for you in your real world.

To me "a half ass" answer would simply be a link to some truly over-priced gaming build. Likely outside your budget.

I will defer to any such answers if that is what you want.