Question want to make ssd my boot drive, and make it has windows in it, without my hdd having windows to

Jul 13, 2020
So about a year ago i got a ssd, and i cloned windows to the ssd ofcourse due to ssd supposedly being faster, fast foward 9 months later apparently my ssd was never being the boot drive(i was dumb enough not to realize i guess lol) and it was my hard drive being the boot drive this entire time, i also tried to boot up with my ssd but it basically said that windows doesnt work in the pc, i also check in the bios for the boot setup and whenever i try to make the ssd the first boot option, the option for the ssd is never there

So yesterday i tried to use installation media to download windows 10 on my ssd, it worked in a way but my hdd still has windows and all my other stuff in it

my question is now that is there a way i could delete the Windows ONLY without any of the other files, if not then can i just delete every single thing in the drives, including windows and make a clean install in my ssd, so my hdd wouldnt have any windows and my ssd would always be the first boot option?