Want to overclock to 3.6ghz on intel i7 920

TODDYman 2k8

Jan 11, 2010
i want to overclock my intel 920 to 3.2/3.6ghz on the asus p6t deluxe can enyone tell me the settings i need.

my system Asus p6t deluxe v2,Noctua nh u12p,3x2gb ocz 1866mhz,windows 7 home premium 64 bit


Oct 16, 2007
before you start; read the guide outlw posted...you'll need good cooling too. Not just a good cooler...your need to keep it cool. Watch your temperatures using Core Temp or Real Temp...both programs are free. You can fry your CPU if you don't know what you're doing. I have read posts by people who up the voltage to 1.6v and are getting 90C temps @ 4.4GHz...you're CPU will last only days at those temps. Don't take any one person's posts as gospel...read and learn prior to doing anything. It's your CPU you'll be messing with...anyone can give advice without any fallout over the internet. Check Intel's website on your CPU's max temps and voltages. still ask questions and read, read, read...