Want to stream glassblowing in the garage!

Feb 7, 2019
I have a modem in the house which works fine when in the house. I have a garage about 50ish feet away where I have a glassblowing studio. The internet signal is super weak needless to say.

What's the best one or two options for getting a strong enough signal through the yard into the garage for broadcasting streaming video?

I don't know much about this field of tech.

Thanks in advance!
The option that works the best but is also a lot of work is to bury a outdoor ethernet cable. If the building is actually connected then you can use the ugly ISP trick of running cable on the outside of the house rather than bury it.

Powerline units might work it depends on how the electrical power works in your house. It is highly likely the garage is on the same main power panel so there is a pretty good chance it will work. You want to buy the av2 based technology for best results.

After this you get point to point wifi solutions which are not always optimal for video streaming. You would put a outdoor bridge units on both buildings. At that short distance pretty much any model will work. ubiquiti is a popular brand something like a pair of their nanostations. It should be ok but it is still wifi so it is always subject to random interference.



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