Question Want to turn my dell t5500 in a gaming rig

Oct 23, 2021
I have 2 xeon 5660 (12 core 6 core each) and 16 gb ram i want to upgrade my current gpu (gtx 750 ti) to a 1660 super or 1080. I searched it up online online and some people say that it is not possible to install newer gpus in the machine while some say it is can someone tell me if it is possible to upgrade to these cards or not. Do I need a 6 to 8 pin PCIE express power adapter cable to make it work?


Is the PSU proprietary? As in does it power the motherboard with standard 20+4 connector and the CPU with a 4+4 pin connector? There are rarely any instances where using a six-pin to eight-pin PCIE connection are recommended.

In any case, this is something like 12 years old and not particularly well configured toward gaming that I'm not sure sinking money into this existing system is really worthwhile at this point. Maybe five or six years ago, but not now.

The CPU is very slow by modern gaming standards; single-thread performance is still pretty important, but this CPU falls quite a bit short of a Sandy Bridge i5-2500K. Nor does having multiple CPUs help you as games largely can't do anything with that (and you're not thread limited anyway so much as speed limited).

Past 750 Ti, working properly may come down to whether this motherboard has BIOS or UEFI. GPUs past a 750 Ti tend to be very hit-and-miss at working in Legacy Mode. Total crapshoot, honestly.


A 1660 ti or 1080 would be held back by your CPUs most likely. They are rather dated and add in the latency that dual CPUs adds will reduce performance.

If you were to run 1 CPU, you may end up with better performance. Unfortunately, you won't be able to overclock the CPUs in your system. Westmere Xeons can really shine when overclocked.

I have tested newer GPUs with older boards. It's a bit hit or miss. I have run a OEM GTX1650 super with an LGA1366 system, but a slightly older MSI RX5700 would not get past the bios splash screen.

Adapters to 6 to 8 pin are not safe. 6 pins are designed for 75w, 8 pins are double that. Using adapters can overload the cables and cause melting, fire, and damage things.

Is the PSU upgradable? Can you post a picture of the label on the side of the PSU.