Question Want to upgrade an old computer, need some advise

May 3, 2019

I have a Sony VAIO PCV-RX752 that I want to upgrade.

I was chatting with Crucial hoping to get more RAM and according to Sony the max supported size is 1.5GB, Crucial
disagreed and said I could get 3GB and they were right. While swapping out the modules I forgot to put the new 1GB
modules in (3 slots) and turned the computer on and heard loud beeps but before I could turn it off the beeps ceased
and a slightly different BIOS screen appeared, one that allows for setting the CPU frequency and many other things I
do not fully understand. I have no idea how to overclock anything.

Stock specifications are:

Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz CPU (socket 478) (400MHz)
ASUS P4S266-VX Motherboard
SiS650 Chipset
SiS Real256 Graphics
240V Power Supply
Most Recent BIOS

I want to use and have the following:

Corsair power supply with SATA connections (600v?)
Nvidia 6200 AGP (512MB)
2.8GHz (SL7EY) CPU (Intel Pentium 4)

Would I need a bigger fan to cool the 2.8GHz CPU?
Is it possible to use the Corsair power supply and retain the IDE/Molex connectors?
Does it matter if my AGP slot is 2x/4x and the 6200 AGP is 4x/8x?
Can changing the newly acquired BIOS settings result in the system recognizing more than 3GB of RAM?
Do they make 2GB PC2100 modules?
Am I overlooking anything?

Right now I have 3GB RAM and the stock CPU running at 2.4GHz
I just messed around with the settings and the computer has been stable at 2.4 (still ballin; still don't know what I'm doing)

This is a project that I am doing as a hobby. I do appreciate any advise but I also know very well that from a cost perspective it doesn't make sense to do what I want to do.
Since overclocking proprietary boards usually cant be done, naturally, I am inclined to do it and I figured some of you guys/girls would be as well.

So can I do this or am I not realizing something? I plan to either use Linux or Windows XP. I don't really think I can run anything else with 3GB of RAM.
Socket 478 single core Pentium IV computers from 2003 are not really worth sinking even a single dollar into....; the end result will still be too slow for anything meaningful. (if your MB supported any of the 800 MHz FSB CPU variants, that might be worth acquiring one for $5-$6, but, excluding that, you will likely have issues finding DDR sticks large enough to even have 1 GB of RAM much less 4 GB...

FInd a used Dell/HP i7-2600 system coming off lease for $60-$75 instead...
May 3, 2019
motherboard does support 800MHz, and I currently have 3GB RAM (3 slots). The power supply and the AGP card were already mine. Technically I have only spent $5-6 on the CPU which I don't mind. Still want to try this. Anyone know if i can use the molex connectors with the corsair power supply?