Dec 21, 2012
Hey guys, I've been looking around at new and stronger video cards. Currently I have the xfx 6850, it has been great! Was able to play most games on higher quality, but with the newer games that are coming out i.e. AC3, farcry I cannot play them on ultra, which is something I want to do.

I was looking at the AMD 78xx video cards, and was wondering if I upgraded would I see a noticeable difference in performance?
Also looked a little into the nvidia 6xx cards, but don't know enough about them.

I would rather stick with the AMD cards, but if there is an Nvidia card that would do the job, I actually don't mind changing to Nvidia.

Price is not a huge issue... but i'd rather not blow 500 bucks on a vid card. 200-300 is okay, i'm sure I won't be able to find any for any less than that.

I would like some advice from the users here, and what would be the best upgrade for me?

Other stuff on my comp:
700 watt corsair psu
955 black edition phenom II
windows 8
er i forgot what my motherboard is, but it does have 2x PCI express slots, so if i ever wanted to do SLI//crossfire i do have that option.

Also is my processor okay? I'm thinkin of upgrading that also to maybe a 6-8 core, but if my processor is okay then i'll save my money lol.



Jan 28, 2012
Supposedly the 8000 series AMD Radeon cards are coming out in early 2013. Just a few months away. And *supposedly* perform 30 to 40 percent better. I'd wait it out and see. I'm pretty much in the same boat, wanting to upgrade my 6870.