[SOLVED] Want to upgrade my cpu to a R7 3700X but don't know if my bios needs a update

Aug 20, 2020
Motherboard is gigabyte and the model is A320M-S2H-CF. Version F50.

The CPU I have right now is R5 1600
I don't know much about computer tech so, if you can please explain in a simple way.
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If uour motherboard can support your new cpu most likely you need bios update. So use your cpu to update motherboard before placing new one inside but went on partpicker and can't seem to find cpu 3700x on compatible list with your motherboard but if it dose work then bios update is needed and you need your cpu 1st gen to do it

Just quick question heard that these cpu can run hot have you got good cooler to work with this new cpu
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A320 sets do not support ryzen 3000 series. So you are out of luck Im sorry to report.

Edit: Apparently it does. I thought it was the one chipset that did not, but I stand corrected. My apologies for the bad information. I should have checked first instead of working off memory.

Edit #2: A320 does not officially support 3000 series.

That said b450 boards are cheap and can be picked up for $60 in the usa
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I heard on Google that you can but don't know its true but yes getting new motherboard is good. But cpu can work with the mb
Well then I stand corrected. I thought the A320 was the one exception that was not going to be supported. I'll go back and edit my post.

[EDIT #2:] I was correct. A320 is not officially supported for 3000 series CPU's Anything that is listed as compatible might be a crap shoot.
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Turtle Rig

Jun 23, 2020
You will need to put the BIOS firmware on USB stick and flash it with button on the back. Or flash it now in software or through BIOS then take out CPU and put in new one. Good Luck 💯🤷🏽‍♂️
Yes, it should work without issues.

The only thing I would try to be carefull with is that the PC Case have good ariflow. After all the R7 3700X has a "lower" 65Watts TDP, but it does need some important power delivering when all cores are taxed.

So is not a bad idea to make sure the motherboard vrm (which does not even have a simple heatsink) gets good ariflow.
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