Question Want to upgrade my monitor to 4K and have some questions.

Jeff Kaos

Apr 6, 2014
Like the title says. I'm pretty savvy when it comes to building PCs and knowing which components work best together but when it comes to monitors I'm totally lost and easily confused.

Basically I want to upgrade to a 4K monitor and I'd like to be able to get up to 120 FPS with it. What sort of specs should I be looking for in order to get more than 60 FPS? Every time I try looking it up online I get contradictory information about what exactly affects FPS in a display.
Most 4k displays are 60hz.
meaning no matter what fps you have, you will only see 60fps.
Lets say you do have a 4k 120hz display (those are rare, but they do exist.)
What game you play is the deciding factor on your fps count
On league of legends you might get 120fps @4k with an integrated gpu (not really, but you get the point. its an easy game to run)
But on a game like Red dead redemption 2, maybe even the literal best gpu you can buy for thousands of dollars not get 120fps.

It depends on the game.
if you mean on the desktop having 120fps, thats the just the hz of the monitor.
What specs do you have now?
It takes a decent processor to generate more display pixels.
It takes a decent graphics card to display them.
If you already have a cpu and gpu, then buy the monitor of your dreams(assuming you can afford it)
A great monitor will last you a long time so bust your budget if you must to get one.

You can always reduce the settings or resolution to get adequate performance.
And, keep your old monitor as a side monitor for such things like email or performance monitors. It will not impact your gaming.

For fast action gaming above 60fps at 4k, you may well need a RTX2080ti.
For less demanding games like civilization, I find that a GTX1080ti on a 60hz 4k monitor runs perfectly well at high settings.