Question Want to verify a potential protein folding build


Aug 14, 2019

I recently have been doing some research about protein folding, specifically with Folding@home, and I thought building a dedicated folding PC would be a fun project. I'm looking to spend not much money and reusing as many parts as I can

My first idea:

CPU: AMD A6-3620 - owned, and it has integrated graphics as I plan to be using used mining GPUs

GPU: Zotac P106-90 3 GB mining GPU - I heard old mining cards worked well for protein folding.

Mobo: Lenovo FM1 mATX motherboard - owned, and it seems like a decent platform.

RAM: Adata XPG 8 GB DDR3 1866 (2x4GB) - owned

Storage: old laptop 2.5'' HDD - owned

Case: NZXT S340 - I'm currently looking at a listing for one that's cheap, seems to have good airflow

PSU: 350w from a Dell Vostro - owned, and 350w is the recommended power for the P106-90, and this one has the needed 6 pin connector. I don't know if the cables would reach, as this unit is designed for a top-mount, but that could probably be sorted out with some extensions.

I had a second idea that I can upgrade to later if the original setup seems good. I was thinking of getting a full ATX FM1 motherboard and another Zotac P106-90 and running 2 GPUs. My concern with this is that these older motherboards seem to only have PCIe 2.0 16x, which I am unsure about for dual GPUs. I would of course upgrade the power supply as well.

Let me know what you think, and if there's anything I should change.

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