Wanted: Reliable Desktop Computer


Nov 29, 2009
I am planning to buy a desktop PC (no monitor needed) to replace my slowing 5 year old Dell desktop with 512 MB RAM. I had one problem with it during its 5 year relationship with me. The hard drive gave up due to a virus problem. It will be used for watching movies online, editing professional photographs and some multitasking. Video editing is a very remote possibility.

Must be reliable, have superior to best quality, must be future proofed,

The budget is about 1000.00 US dollars with flexibility.

I do have hardware and software that work with my existing Windows XP Professional PC and I am thinking about getting the new desktop with 32 bit Windows 7 OS, is this the right direction.

I do not have a Blue Ray movie collection nor do I plan to acquire one for the desktop.

Looking for specific and general recommendations about the brand, type and model of PC.


Consider buying from Cyberpower PC. To look at models you can go to their website or see what newegg offers for sale. At their website you can configure what you want, and have the option to choose good name brand products - one of the primary reasons for going there. You alse get excellent prices.

I have never owned a Cyberpower PC so I cannot claim first person experience - but then any first person experience is only anecdotal and not a good source of evidence about a system used by thousands if not hundreds of thousands. Instead I refer you to Cyberpower's list of awards from many sources:


PC Mag used to do an annual customer satisfaction survey. The latest I could find was for 2007. It shows customer satisfaction with Cyberpower ranking ahead of Gateway, Dell, HP, Lenovo and others - although below Apple, self-built, and Sony.


After seeing others protest the choice of Cyberpower based on online complaints, I pointed out that using anecodotal information to make a decision was not wise, especially when more comprehensive survey information was available.

But just for grins, I typed the search terms one suggested – “Cyberpower PC reviews” and clicked on the first link offered – it was for resellerratings. Here are the store ratings they report:



Or another one of the links on that search took me to newegg which sells Cyberpowerpcs. On the model in the link, all 18 buyers rated it tops - 5 stars.


This was a deactivated item so I went to the list of Cybepower PCs - newegg sells quite a few - and checked the lowest price on listed - under the assumption that the cheapest is the most likely to have problems. All 5 ratings were again tops - 5 stars.


Well that is it for me. I have more than satisfied myself that the anecdotal evidence is not the best source of information here. I encourage people to build their own - but if they choose not to - which is a valid and reasonable choice - then I think Cyberpower is an excellent choice for a manufacturer.

I bet if you search for any PC manufacturer you are going to find a host of unhappy users that have posted complaints on one forum or another. The unhappy speak up while the satisfied just quietly use their PC.

Finally – I came across some reviews at Anandtech:

I7-920 system

Older review of an AMD system from CyberPower:



Aug 19, 2012
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Jun 21, 2012
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- IPS (in-plane switching) technology for minimal color deviation across a wide viewing angle
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U2711 offers 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio that provides you a superb on-screen content viewing. Its Premier Color feature ensures you a high-quality, accurate and precise display of array of colors, while its 6-millisecond (6ms) grey to grey response time enables you to get a razor-sharp definition of moving images free of motion-blur.

The UltraSharp U2711 also comes with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology which gives you a maximum viewing pleasure for it provides a wide range of rich, dramatic, and precise colors to give a consistent display from virtually any angle. It also comes with four (4) UBS ports and a memory card reader for gaming, camera and other plug and play.

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