Wanting to do a clean/fresh install of XP on my Compaq...


Jan 8, 2006
Hi, I've had this Compaq since 2004. I've added a gig of RAM, a 250gb SATA HDD, and a 6600GT card.

Anyway, I want to do a clean install of XP, which I've never done. I've cleared a bunch of space on my 250gb HD and transfered all the files im going to keep from C: to the 250gb.

So my question is what will happen to my 250gb drive? Do I have to disconnect it? Will XP recognize it after the clean install? What about the extra RAM and 6600gt?

Thanks for any useful info.


Aug 24, 2006
Hi There,

Usually when you do a clean install the XP setup will ask you where you want to install XP. You should see 2 drives (depending if your current drive has multiple partitions, then you might see more) , and you can just select your current one and not the 250GB drive... or if you're worried that you might install it on the 250, you can disconnect it...
Do you have a Compaq Image XP CD? That will be different... then rather disconnect the 250 if you are not to sure on which drive it will be installing on...

Your RAM should be recognized by your motherboard... and should show the correct amout in XP after the install, so no worries there

You can place the 6600gt card in the PC before you begin, but if its a Compaq image XP cd then it will load the drivers for the onboard card, and should still recognize the 6600gt after installation of XP has fininshed, but with no drivers loaded for it...

Rather place it in the PC after installation of XP has completed, then boot up and uninstall the onboard card drives, reboot and load the 6600gt drivers and reboot again...

Also check if you have the option to disable the onboard graphics card in your bios...

My english are not to good so let me know if you don't understand what I mean...

Good luck..