Question Wanting to make sure it's my GPU that went out.

Aug 29, 2014
I suspect it's the GPU as the fan had been making some noises. My specs are:
Lenovo Thinkcenter M92p Tower
Nvidia Geforce 8800m (I think. It was only on Directx 10 or 11)
Intel i5 or i3 (can't check as PC isn't working) quad core at 3.2 Ghz
Windows 10

Anyway, I restarted it for some reason, and it came back on with no picture. I used a DVI to HDMI cable for this PC, and the other port had the same result. Tried a different TV too. Bought a new cable on top of that, still nothing. It turns on and stays on, but unsure about booting. After a second or two I hear the "beep beep", which if I call correctly is normal before going to Grubs and booting windows after 10 seconds. I had no password or code, and I plugged the USB speakers in and didn't hear the windows startup sounds, but I may have had it muted when it went out or the sound card may have been part of the GPU (I know things from past tech support, but I'm no expert) so I don't know. Just thought I'd ask before buying a new GPU.

edit: I left it on for a bit and I hear the Sata drive, so I take it that means it's just the GPU causing no sound/picture? Assuming it's not muted.

edit 2: Okay, I just plugged in the keyboard and speakers, booted, then there was no beep, but after a few moments, the lights on the keyboard and the speakers went out for about a second. Sooooo, this boots and it's the GPU, right?


M92p should have an Intel display, take the GPU out and plug into the motherboard, see if everything else still works. That would be quite definitive.

8800m wouldn't really go in a desktop. Any 8800 desktop card would also be a pretty beefy for an OEM PC, in terms of power, not performance. Yes, it is possible to use HDMI as a sound output through the GPU, but if you plugged into the motherboard, then that wouldn't be the case.

If it will fire up on Intel, then it certainly is the GPU. 8000 series is going back a long way, so not surprising it has died, would be what 12-14 years old?
The specs I see indicate that the unit comes with amd discrete graphics.
If so, remove the discrete card and plug your monitor into the display output on the motherboard.

8800m is a mobile chip and not likely to be what you have.