Wanting to upgrade cpu


Mar 26, 2010
can i replace sempron 2200 with the athlon xp 2800 (2083,333,512) on asrock k7s41gx mobo and if so do i have to change anything else
Oooo a barton 2800 :eek:

Should be a decent enough upgrade for you. You can overclock it a bit by raising the FSB. If you aren't going to overclock, then I would say that you should instead go with a slightly faster 3200 (2.2GHz), but I guess that also depends on how much you're getting the 2800+ for :D. Your PC will certainly be more usable and feel faster, but understand that it's not really suitable for gaming (what most of us here really care about) and may be slower than an entry level PC you can get today.


May be slower no it will be slower but I guess it could be a little more useable over the sempron. I was looking at what those old processors go for and I was quite surprised at the prices for them.