Wanting to upgrade my graphics setup.


Dec 26, 2012
I wanna upgrade my Nvidia GeForce X285s running SLI to something a little stronger. I would even consider going to a single card setup if the advancement is good enough. My budget is around $400. I want to make use of DirectX 11 and play my games on my setting still. (Right now I can still play Far Cry 3 on Max settings using DX10 with some stuttering when loading areas) Is upgrading even worth it?
Right now 670's are at a really good price and you wouldn't need to go off and buy a 2nd card to get the horses needed to run the games you play it would most certainly out perform the 2 cards you have now. The stuttering can be a possible result from you having a SLi setup. The only DX11 game that I play at the moment is Batman Arkham City and it plays that game quite well on a single card w/ physx on high. I would say the upgrade is worth it however its the newer cards are around the corner so it truly depends what you feel would be the right thing to do.
1. Getting a single 670 or 7970 (given the price is right)
2. Wait for the new hotness of the newer cards the 700 series and the 8000 series from AMD.