Question Wanting to upgrade.


How about a 5600g ?
Pair it up with a set of DDR4 3200 or DDR4 3600.
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Dec 2, 2021
Pair it up with a set of DDR4 3200 or DDR4 3600.

I have ddr4 3200 ?
I have a 3050
Then your best upgrade for gaming is 5800X3d if budget allows...or 5600X if you want best price to performance, 5600 for a bit cheaper. Getting a 5600g is a waste since it's giving up a lot of L3 cache (1/2 that of a 5600/X) just to throw away the iGPU. The thing that makes a 5800X3d such a gaming beast is the doubled L3 cache compared to a 5800X; the same principle holds true here.

If your concern is productivity and creativity (video editing and rendering, 3d graphics, etc) then a 5700X or 5800X.

Whichever 5000 CPU you get be sure to upgrade BIOS to the latest first, then reset CMOS once you've installed the new CPU.

L2 cache : 4MB vs 3MB (each MB in L2 cache makes a lot of difference in performance).

L2 cache is local to each CPU core in Vermeer, there are more cores for any 8 core 5700 vs any 6 core 5600. A cache miss in L2 means a big latency hit to fetch it from another core's L2. That's why Vermeer features such a large L3, common to all cores on a die, which was a major contributor to it's performance uplift. A 5700G (Cezanne) features 1/2 the L3 cache of 5700X. For just a few bucks more a 5700X has much better performance and price/performance value for productivity/creativity where it's 8 cores shine. At $30-40 cheaper(than 5700g) a 5600X is much, much better price/performance value for gaming and only very slightly poorer performance even in productivity/creativity.
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