Mar 23, 2009
OK im my pc restarts only when playin warcraft its not hardware pretty sure just read on this is copied and pasted from replying to other forums by people but this problem is all over the furoms and people all say its hardware but im 99% its not because well just read on.dude its World of Warcraft all over toms hardware people having problems and everyone says its drivers or hardware ihave brand new top of line Phenom II x4 849denab 3.0 ghz setep,1000w thermaltake psu, ati 4890 gpu, 4 gig ocz 1066 ddr2ram by ocz, 140mm thermaltake heatsink with fan, asus m4a79 deluxe motherboard, ht omega claro plus soundcard, and its not hardware or it is not sure but before i got ati 4890 i used a 9800gt and had issue when running wow with ventrilo, everybody told me diff hardware or driver tips ended up rma ing everything and it still restarted randomly a couple times were bluesscreen, but it never happend in any other app, eventually noticed curse client renamed a few folders in wow so i renamed them back that fixed the problem pc works flawless for another month then i upgrade video card to 4890 and decided to format pc for clean start since i was going from nvidia to ati after reinstalling wow i now have this issue noticed wow curse client once again renamed file so i renamed them back(wasthe interface and WTF folders in wow) but this time it didnt fix issue im stumpted but it only happend in wow ive even left pc on running L4D COD 4 and HL2 for 8-10 hours while at work came home and not 1 did pc restart so im pretty sure its warcraft but im not a expert in pcs but i know its not my pc being old its new and fast and problem is only when using wow so it has to be wow not hardware id think but i also am running XP Pro SP3 and yes everything is up to date this is driving me completely insane i know this may or may nott be a solution but im feelin similiar pain as u and notice everyone is tellin u same thing they told me its hardware but if its hardware why does it only happen in WoW not any other game i know L4D or COD 4 running for 8 hours is more strain on pc then 10minutes to an hour of WoW PLEASE HELP US


Apr 25, 2009
Only thing I can see in that wall of text with no punctuation (trust me, it helps alot), is the use of the curse client. I have heard of alot of people having troubles that have the client installed on there computers. Some also fixed many of those issues by removing it, and only using manual instal for their plug-ins. For the non-computer savvy people, just hit manual install, and navigate through C drive (or whatever you HD is set to)> program files> Wolrd of Warcraft> interface> add ons and drop it in there. Just as easy as the curse client, and a lot less risk of picking up nasty programs.


May 21, 2008
That wall of text is virtually unreadable. Why don't you outline (in nice formatted text, punctuation is always a plus):

-the problems you are having
-when they started happening
-what was going on when they started happenening
-any steps you have taken to try and solve them