Question warning for windows 10 users who run virtual machines

a warning for users who use virtual machines with windows 10 and plan to install the May update,

in the May update they have enhanced device security enabled called Device/Credential Guard that will prevent you from running you virtual machines as vmware will error out saying it is not compatible when you try to boot your existing VM's. just to note though i am using vmware player so i am not sure if this is happening with virtualbox or not but just a heads up. there is currently a work around right now that seems to be working for me but not sure if i will have to keep performing the workaround every so often or not yet

here is a link describing the issue for vmware:


No problem for me on VirtualBox 6.0.4. I just updated by downloading the ISO using MCT and running Setup.exe from the virtual disk / ISO. Afterwards I ran Windows Update and did a Defender quick scan with no problems showing so far. I rebooted a few times.

[Screen shot]