Warp Speed - Meadows?



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Does anyone know anything about this early colour video game? Z80 CPU,
converted colour TV, flight yoke, fast/slow shifter, no fire button!

This does not appear to be the Atari Warp Speed as that was in design
in 1982, and this game apparently was made in 1979.

John :-#)#
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Archived from groups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting (More info?)


I poked around a bit out of interest.

Scroll down to 8/24/04 and I suppose this is the one in question?
Thats the SAME yellow/black sideart combo (excluding the red) on my
gran trak 10 insinuating something atari would have done. In fact, if
thats a yellow laminate with the art screened on it's a dead atari

I also found (and you all probably know this already) -

The basic game engine for Star Wars was converted from a 2-year old
space game project called 'Warp-Speed', which was designed to develop
3-D image capabilities."

Now, if they threw in a color tv, and the only thing the game does is
go fast or slow and steer (in outer space mind you) it sounds like a
prototype for generating 3d graphics to me. Perhaps the date was late
79, and atari's release of star wars was early of 83.. that would
insinuate a hair over a two year gap. This would coinside with the
story at hand. If thats your machine, dig it out and post more pics..
post some of the board, maybe someone here will recognize the hardware
platform. Copy the roms too, they are probably the only ones in
existance and worth preservation. Let us know what turns up of it. I
think we would all like a group tour of that warehouse your liquidating

- Matt