Question Warranty of GPU Brands for used refurbished 2nd owner cards

Oct 26, 2020
which brands gigabyte asus msi zotac galax evga colourful plet in india gives warranty for 2nd owner used or refurbished renewed GPU gtaphic cards (gtx 1080ti rtx 2080ti rtx 3060ti rtx 3070 rtx 3080 rtx 3090

as in bill recipet if purxhased from shop dealer there is purchaser name and dealear name but the purchaser address. Then how will company know the warranty claimed is by first buyer or the second buyer. It only knows the dealer name and addresss then how will it know the customer address that who firstbor second buyer is claiming the warranty RMA.

secondly why branded companies don't give the GPU graphic card warranty to the second buyer as the life depends on the years why they bother the user it means the companies are not certain in case if their manufactured product.

Do gigabyte Asus MSI manufacturers sell there own refurbished GPU cards is their anynif there portals to reasle their own cards?


This site and the community members are based in the West(with respect to your location). So it's either impossible to state what you're asking for in terms of a refurbished card with warranty and also the sort of brands that you have access to.

To note, I don't think refurbished GPU's will even hold a warranty of that magnitude. Brand new cards tend to have a 2~3 year warranty, so why would something that's tier B or C be granted equal weight with warranty? The warranty for a second hand card is still possible, you just need to have the receipt and/or proof of purchase of the card to prove you didn't steal it or gain access to the card through shady means.