Question Warranty questions, maintenance, radiator size, how many, case, how do you know if an AIO would work on a GPU specifically ones available at best buy?


Feb 24, 2015
Long title, but want everyone to know what i'm trying to learn. I was looking into custom water cooling, and according to 2cents on youtube, he said you're liable for any leaks. Though it seems custom water cooling is much better than aio, and even more so than air, the risk of leakage and it not being covered scares me. And i want to go with an i9 13900KF, i9 13900F, 13900, i7 13700KF, i7 13700F, or a i7 13700, but cooling is my biggest concern rn not really the prices since my build total may be 2800-3000, maybe more, but i want to have a cpu and everything last a long while since i like to keep my build for 5-7 years and cooling your components seems to be very important to keeping them in good condition. I cheaped out and built my last build for future proofing for my gaming needs which is 720p 144hz 1ms and i'm a happy camper lol, and i don't think anything has become bad, even though i went cheap with a copper cpu fan from microcenter, but now some reviews of aios are say that they are having trouble keeping up with their i9 13900k, and i want to do much more than gaming on my computer so i do want an i7 13700F/13700 or better.

As far as the warranties go for leakage on your other devices, what are the company's stances? NZXT says they'll replace up to the whole system if it's because of the product having a hard time finding something more recent from them and can't find anything directly from Corsair, Thermaltake, MSI, etc.

What are the warranty stances on custom cooling on parts that it leaks on if not your fault?

How do you know if an AIO is maintenance free? Or does every AIO require maintenance? Is it bad to go with an AIO that is maintenance free? When doing maintenance, is there a risk of leakage? If so, how can you minimalize the risk? What's a good site to learn how?

How big of a radiator should you get for the cpu and gpu? Or do/can they use the same aio?

Does a full atx fit 2 aios? Even if it does, would a EATX be a good idea to get?

How do you know if an aio works for a gpu? Specifically a 4070 ti?

Lastly, what AIOs are good from bestbuy for the latest i9 or i7s?


Nov 6, 2015
Custom loop as in you build the loop yourself if it leaks yeah you're busted since you build the loop and you're liable for anything that goes wrong with your loop. If you sent in a gpu in for rma due to a leakage they will just void your warranty and label it with water damage.

Now aios are all closed systems they realy leak unless they have qc issues from the factory. Usually the cheap ones like the enermax and unknown chinese brands tend to have bad pumps or really bad coolant that gums up the fins with bacteria and god knows what.

An aio is maintenance free if the hoses don't have quick disconnects meaning that they don't come appart to refill or change fluid. very few of those exist. Most aios are close systems so you dont have to worry about anything. As for maintenance the only thing you have to clean every once in a while is the fans and dust stuck in between the radiator and fans and change thermal paste when it dries up.

As for size the biggest one your case can fit. 240mm, 280mm , 360mm, 420mm ect refer to you case manual to check compatibility. No they can not use the same aio because its a closed system for a single component its not a custom loop.

Most modern at cases have space for at least 1 360 and a 240 or even dual or triple 360 rads ' you would have to check your case. EATX has nothing to do with water cooling its just a motherboard standard 2 inches wider than regular atx.

Aios are rarely made for gpus as sold as a kit an example would be the alphacool eiswolf 2 for rtx 3090 series. So you would have to do a custom loop to cool both cpu and gpu.

As for 4070ti compoatibility you would have to check the specific card you have and see if companies like ekwb , bysky ect make waterbock for your specific card since card pcb dimensions vary by design.

The top aios on the market rn is the Artic liquid freezer II 360mm, Lian Li Galahad 360mm , Ek Nucleous 360mm, EVGA CLC 360mm. sadly they dont sell any of these at bestbuy. best buy mostly sells corsair aios. You'll have to order though amazon.

If your just getting int water cooling start with aio just to get you fear of leaks out of your system because a custom gpu+cpu loop will go upwards into the 1.5k minimum an maintenance is a real pain.

In a custom loop you have to watch the coolant/water temperature to avoid condensation but thats for exteme setups also you have to watch out for galvanic corrosion on metals such as aluminum and copper cannot be mixed in the loops water blocks and hundreds of little things. But if you're just delving into watercooling start with aio.

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