Question Warzone Crashes To Desktop After 10-15 Seconds Of Loading The Game

Apr 1, 2020
I'm having a big problem and I'm hoping one of you guys can help me out please.

I am trying to play Warzone on my PC, but it loads for about 10-15 seconds and crashes to desktop with no error message. A lot of people have been experiencing this issue, and there seems to be no "proper" fix for it online. I have watched Youtube fix videos, read guides on Reddit and tried so many different things to fix the issue, yet I can't even get to the main menu without it crashing to desktop.

I am desperate to play this game, but I have absolutely no idea why it's crashing every time I load it. My PC far exceeds the recommended system requirements, and this is the ONLY game that has ever crashed on my PC, in years now.

Please help me with this. I am willing to provide you as much information as you require, and will stay in touch with you as long as is required. I have tried to contact Activision support several times over the past few weeks, but they're not responding at all. There is even a Discord set up for this particular issue, and others have been experiencing it as well. If anybody can help me with this, I'll link this thread to the Discord as it may be able to help others.

Thank you very much.