Question Warzone extremely low FPS - Buttons continue to be pressed after i let go


Aug 15, 2015
Hello Guys,

So a bit of a strange problem. I am only able to get 60-70 fps in warzone, someone suggested to me to change the proccess priority from Normal to Realtime and when i do this i get 160-180 fps but my game feels really choppy and laggy. I run my game with everything on low and ray tracing ETC off. Another problem i seem to be getting (and i dont know if the 2 problems are connected) is that when i press a button it continues to be pressed after i have stopped pressing it. Ill be shooting someone in game and it continues to shoot even after i let go, same with my movement. Its really frustrating. I noticed my CPU usage for this game is like 90 percent and sometimes 100 percent when im playing but on everything else it is only 60-80 percent. This probelm becomes more apparent when i stream on twitch; i use NVENC to stream but it takes 50-60fps off me and i drop down to around 110-120 fps.

My Specs Are;

i7 9700k
RTX 2080
M.2. Samsung Evo
4 x 8GB @3600mhz corsair Vengence RAM
ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming Motherboard
1000W Gold Certified Corsair PSU

This is not a heating probelm - my cpu hovers around 60-70 and my GPU at around 65