Question Warzone FPS problem

Mar 31, 2020

Before the 27th update patch, my game was working perfectly. These days, something happens at the Warzone loading screen. Temp/Gpu usage drops and fps drops almost half to what it used to be. Note that other games and CoD other game modes runs perfectly + the lobby. Its just Warzone issue.

Reinstalling , changing drivers, settings / window size won't help. It's still playable, but very annoying problem i can't find a fix. Anyone got ideas? Thinking it might be something only Devs can fix.

RTX 2060 6GB
Apr 1, 2020
I too am having some weird problems with Warzone right now. I recently upgraded to a 2070 super and Ryzen 3600. Before I played on a 1050ti low settings and got around 50-60 FPS and maybe some very small stuttering here and there. Now on my new set up after this update my gpu with run about 85-90% usage and then suddenly drop to 30-10% which causes my game to freeze and stutter badly for about 1-2 seconds. It does this about every 30s-4minutes. I’m still using low settings at 1080p with updated drivers and ran the scan/repair on blizzard. I’m not sure if it is my pc acting up or just something with MW. Every other game I play seems to run smoothly.


Aug 10, 2017
Having the same issues and its very annoying. Mine would just stutter sometimes every 10-15 seconds and something it would run smooth. It works when it wants??? i want to play this game but i might just uninstalled it all together. I tried eveyrthing i could find on the internet. Youtube, reddit. ect ect. nothing helps
Reinstall the game 5 times. reinstall shader 549080493 times. put all my settings low and still does it.
when i first got the time it works perfectly.

I have similar specs.
Ryzen 5 1600
32gb ram

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