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Question Warzone FPS Underperforming

Jul 1, 2020
Hello Everyone. I need a GAMING GURU help now for my Warzone FPS, this is my Rig:

Intel Core i7 -8700k

Prime Z370-A

DDR4 Gskill Trident Z 4000 MHz (16 x2 = 32GB)

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080

Watercooler H100i v2

Thermaltake 850 W

I tried pretty much most solutions around the area from in-game settings, to task manager priority on .exe, to Power Settings (nvidia and windows) and pretty much I know that getting 85-95 FPS on Warzone with this rig is under performance. I need a real GURU to help me get this sorted, I had before RAM of 16GB at 2400 MHz and I bought the 32 GB at 4000 Mhz in the hope that it was a "RAM Issue". I have a 144hz monitor and i need to get closest to the 144fps, the rig can...

I honestly have no clue what to do, my rig can probably punch out a consistent 120-125 FPS in warzone. What can I do here? I am pretty much stuck on things to trouble shoot.

other games dont phase me but this, no clue where the bottleneck lies.

Did the XMP profiling in BIOS, checked my drivers, power etc..etc...

Any gurus to help me solve this?

Majority of the settings are put to low as per the guidelines on best cod settings to maximize fps
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Jul 1, 2020
I overclocked my graphics card, do you think I will need to overclock my CPU

I dont see a bottleneck utilization on the CPU while running in game, i think in game it sits at 60% or so...

If I do need to overclock, what do you advice as a software or way to do so?

EDIT: jsut checked its the stock at 3.7 Ghz but in performance its running at 4.07 Ghz
Jul 1, 2020
let me know if there is any input you require from my side. Thanks for the assist
another run
You need to enable XMP or DOCP in the BIOS, your RAM is running at 2133mhz.

What is you cpu temperature when in game? For some reason your cpu doesn’t seem to be boosting correctly.
Did another run with the benchmark for consistency sake: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/30101376

I have XMP enabled in the BIOS but in the performance tab its showing this 2133 Mhz which is weird. I tried to mess around with it but nothing changes, the motherboard is capable of the 4000Mhz. This is the CPU ID extract:

As for the CPU temp here ~ 40-45 C range

As for the GPU temp here ~60 C - 63 C range
Jul 6, 2020
Not to take focus off the OP, but I am also having the same issues. Massive FPS issues for what I have, as well as now getting the once in a while freezing for 2s in Warzone.
Specs are close to the OP..
i7 9700k
Gigabyte Z390 UD mobo
EVGA RTX 2070 Super
16g Corsair DDR4 @ 2400mhz (this is being upgraded today to 32g @ 3600mhz)
OS is on a Samsung EVo Pro M.2, game is on a Samsung EVo 860 SSD
Corsair 850 PSU
Monitor is 144hz (I run the game @ 1080p, as I am older, and that is perfect res for my old eyes lol)

In WZ, cannot pull over 70 fps
In MW (like, TDM) I can get around 110-120ish)

I have tried just about everything from modifying files with Notepad++, to just about anythign suggested.
Have also lowered all settings in game, including disabling stuff that doesnt matter. Nothing has worked thus far

So, OP.. you are not alone in this. :(
Jul 1, 2020
Hi Jay, so it turned out a CPU issue btw. Cpu lost contact with MOB and is not boosting/executing correctly. I tried everything possible as well.
I got the asus z390 edge gaming ac and an I7 -9700k ram pumped to 4000Mhz. All this on base stock - now I am at 170 fps on low settings mainly and only a few normal.

you have a HW fault - it must be.
Take it down to a shop and get them to disassemble re-assemble and check.

best of luck

as for the 2 seconds delay i am also getting that - less in multiplayer. Reason must be activsion servers. I already did the basic ping router tests and i have no issues on my side -seems an activision issue (the three yellow squares on the left side)

hold on