Question Warzone freezes and I have to restart my PC to fix it.

Aug 30, 2022
Hey guys, Warzone keeps freezing for me and idk what else I could do. It seems to happen randomly too. It freezes, screen cuts black, then comes back. Game will be stuck on my main monitor, but I can still use my pc on my other monitor. However, I cant force close the game with alt f4 and when I alt tab out, I cant close with task manager either. Task manager doesn't even show that the game is open when this happens. The only way to get it to go away is to fully restart my PC. I have updated drivers, updated bios, no oc on cpu or gpu, scan and repaired files, uninstalled and reinstalled onto my ssd, and cleared temporary files. I'm running a Ryzen 7 2700x, MSI RTX 2070, 32 gb of 3200 ram, asus tuf gaming x570 plus mobo, EVGA 700 watt psu. Other games that I've played after the freezes (minecraft, 7 days to die, csgo, pubg) seem to run totally fine and userbenchmark runs fine as well. Is it possible that this last warzone update is just bugged for some people? and if I have uninstalled and reinstalled, then why would it still be a problem for me? Any help would be great, thanks guys.
I also have been monitoring my CPU temps with Core Temp so throttling shouldn't be the issue, I have a Noctua CPU cooler installed.