Question Warzone freezing PC

Jun 10, 2022
I’ve been playing Warzone on a PC I built for 18 months or so, I’ve never had any major issues. A couple weeks ago my PC froze when I exited a match(not while in game but when I hit esc then leave match, it froze in the loading screen back to lobby. I couldn’t click other apps, I couldn’t force close, couldn’t control/alt/delete, nothing. I could move my mouse around but it did nothing. I had to hold the power button down and power it back up. This kept happening randomly over the next few days. I decided to wipe the hard drive completely, back to square one. I reinstalled Windows 10 and it played great for a few days, no freezing. It froze again, I reset it. Back into Warzone and it immediately froze again, and again while just in the lobby. I completely wiped it again and installed Windows 11 this time. It played great for a few days and the same thing happened again today. I’ve tried “scan and repair”, I’ve Googled every which way to set up the settings, all drivers are up to date, no Windows updates, nothing is getting too hot. CPU temp is 50°-60°, GPU temp is 60°-70°. Someone please help!
Ryzen 5 3600
MSI 1080ti Duke OC
MSI B550 Tomahawk
Corsair Vengeance 4x8GB RAM
Corsair iCUE Elite H100i cooler
NZXT 80+ Gold 750W
Samsung 970 250GB and 1TB
Corsair iCUE Elite CPU Cooler LCD Display
Corsair LL120 RGB fans (x6)
Corsair Commander Pro