Question Warzone freezing up my pc!

Jul 24, 2021
Hey guys, so warzone has become almost unplayable on my high end pc ! The game will run fine and all of a sudden the game will freeze and lock up my pc for about 10-30 seconds, then comes back and sometimes doesn't(crashes)

Pc specs are

Gpu- 6800xt red dragon
Cpu- 5600x
Mobo- b550 gaming plus
Aio- h150i corsair 360mm
Ram- 16gb 3200hz corsair rgb
Psu - 750wgold rm750 corsair

Things I have tried

Adv ini file, changed processor count and memory scale

Disable full screen optimization
Change high dpi
Change cpu priority
Clean install windows( multiple times)
Ddu graphics drivers
I've done a mem test everything clear
Paging file altered
Disabled ll overclocks including pbo and xmp
sfc scan
no overlays

I have played the game since launch and play it every single day but its getting to the point where I'm becoming a liability to my team mates

Please help me if you can!

P.s no issues in any other game