Question Warzone: Replace GTX 1080 for RTX 3060?


Feb 1, 2014
The past four months I have been swapping out CSGO and DOTA to play Warzone instead and I'm okay with how my built is performing but at the same time I'm missing the high frame rate for my 240 Hz 1080 monitor. As of now I get around 80-120 FPS with what I will call the minimum settings I want to play at, which is medium'ish.

Now that DLSS is coming to Warzone I wonder if it is a good time to upgrade to like a RTX 3060 or something. Will I be able to hit the 240 Hz with that card om medium settings? Or should I just keep my current setup?

i5 9600k
16 GB RAM, 3600 MHz
650 W PSU
We don't know how good it will perform sadly.
The 3060 isn't launched it, but by comparing it to the 3060 Ti, say it's 70$ cheaper, and around 10-20% slower, IMO don't swap.
The gtx 1080 will be slower than the 3060, and that will increase with DLSS, but in all other games, the difference will be quite minor at around 10-15% faster, say the 3060 Ti is 2080 super, the 3060 will be 2070 super, while the gtx 1080 is around the original 2070.

For some reason in cyberpunk specifically the gtx 1080 is hot garbage, being beat by the 1660 super. (This annoys me. since I have a 1080 and remember it being the king of the hill just a few short years ago)
If I were you I would look to a 9900k, they were getting quite cheap (relatively) around xmas. I think you would benefit more from the cores and threads than you would from a gpu upgrade.

This upgrade will keep you far more inline with modern requirements than the 1080 upgrade.

The 1080 is still pretty great.